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25 ottobre 2016 presso RITA URSO artopiagallery a Milan.


“In the recent works by Antonio Catelani the thought on painting categories is focused on duration, on attention, on the minimal gesture that shifts the idea of finiteness of the work and pushes it towards its transformation point. Everything is really unstable”. Daria Filardo

Antonio Catelani exhibits on this occasion a series of paintings realised specifically for the show, which title is Abwesenheiten in Preuβisch Blau (Absences in Prussian Blue). Prussian blue is a highly unstable colour, destined to chromatic change and oxidation.
On the upper floor of the gallery will also be presented a new installation composed of a group of sculptures characterized by a very reduced physicalness: Stannum, the Latin name of tin. The sculpture that bears the name of this metal shows its different peculiarities, not even concealing its innate weakness.

25 October – 18 December
From Monday to Friday 15-19

Indirizzo: via Lazzaro Papi, 2, Milan
Antonio Catelani - REDOX

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